At-Home Beauty Device Pros and Cons
LED light-therapy devices have become increasingly popular within the last decade, thanks to
celebrities and social media influencers. Available in various forms, LED devices range from
handheld wands to stand-alone screens and eyewear anti aging skin care products. They also come in the form of
mouthpieces and Instagram-worthy face masks. Some LED light-therapy devices are
translucent, while others are opaque, like the Deesse Pro. In this article, we’ll discuss the pros
and cons of LED light-therapy devices and weigh their relative merits.

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The Ziip is an excellent choice for those seeking to tighten and reshape their skin. The device
uses microcurrents but also incorporates nanocurrents, which are smaller and penetrate deeper
into the skin. Ziip can address hyperpigmentation and lymphatic drainage This device can be
paired with optional attachments to address specific concerns, such as hyperpigmentation and
acne scarring. Another model, the Ziip, offers nine different treatments and can be used three to
six times a week.
At-home laser hair removal devices work very well, but only on a small range of skin and hair
colors. Because lasers focus on the pigments in hair follicles, they work best on people with light
skin and dark hair. Dark skinned individuals should stay away from this device as it can cause
burns. Thankfully, most devices now come with sensors that block dark skin to avoid any
unwanted results.

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The NuFACE Trinity can be used twice or three times per week for the first 60 days, and then
two to three times a week afterward. Its 966 user reviews across three sites have an average
rating of 4.3/5 stars. Although some users reported seeing improved skin appearance after
using Trinity, many users also claimed to notice deeper lines and wrinkles in their skin. If you’re
on a budget, the MiniMD is a great choice.
Rhafine Ultrasonic Facial Scrubber – This handheld beauty device uses suction to remove dead
skin cells and oil from pores. It claims to remove blackhead-inducing sebum, dead skin cells and
oils, while also promoting circulation and metabolism in the skin. A Rhafine Sonic Facial
Scrubber should be used on a clean face, and ideally, a serum or face oil should be used before
using it.
RF device – The STOP VX is mains-powered and features an attractive geometric design. RF
electrodes are larger than older versions, making the device easier to manoeuvre around the
face. It has a temperature sensor to protect the skin from overheating. It’s worth noting that RF
devices aren’t suitable for all skin types and aren’t suited for everyone.