Meet the Jewish Buzzfeed News Reporter with a Cocaine Habit Who Deleted Stolen, Classified US Government Documents That Evidenced Julian Assange’s Use of on Ecuador’s London Embassy Broadband, then Blabbed in a Paid Intox Session with a “Humiliatrix” Cam Girl.

BuzzFeed editor, Joe Bernstein, seen above simulating anal sex with his own sister has been exposed by Vegas Cam girl, PiperBelleRose

WHEN JULIAN ASSANGE WAS NAMED IN A UNITED NATIONS DOCUMENT FOR MOLESTING an 8 year old girl using, a brutal white supremacist network of trolls (which our investigators have confirmed are linked to outlawed UK extremists, National Action) went to work on behalf of Julian Assange, who is known in journalist circles for his private fascist views, and Wikileaks, which Hillary Clinton said is a subsidiary of Russian intelligence.

BuzzFeed Editor Joe Bernstein, who moonlights as an anonymous troll on the community forums, Reddit and 4chan, is one of Assange’s attack dogs.

Bernstein pictured with wife, Rieka Jackson

We first became aware of Mr Bernstein after his public ridicule of the libtard rag, Daily Kos, that demanded answers into Julian Assange’s initial silence over the United Nations document that detailed Assange’s grooming of the 8 year old through our dating site.

The Canadian Family, whose plight for constitutional reasons of free speech we are fighting for, made their allegations that Julian Assange was a child rapist who molested their 8 year old daughter from the Ecuadorian embassy in London, but say that the Bahamas Police never involved Interpol and believe UN officials helped to silence their case. They say that in a series of internet grooming sessions, Assange used Ecuadorian Government computers as his modus operandi.

As Daily Kos reported, Ecuador pulled Assange’s internet connection after they learned their government was inadvertently paying for their “political refugee’s” extreme porn addiction and online grooming of a minor, at a time when Assange had successfully waited out the EU statute of limitation (hiding in Ecuador’s embassy) to avoid rape charges related to his viciously abusing females in Sweden.

Our US investigators hired in the wake of the RT article on in October 2016 made Joe Bernstein and his motives, a focus of investigation. It’s Bernstein, BuzzFeed’s senior computer hacker and tech expert, who has a CIA background and conducted field work for Mossad in Egypt’s torture and detention centers in 2006. Our investigators identified him as the Assange go-between and operative purging links to’s UN report online.

Undercover man: Bernstein (pictured) is a Mossad “black ops” tech specialist who helped Wikileaks access the London BT exchange supplying the Ecuadorian embassy for the purpose of fraudulently manipulating the UK ISP provider’s internal data records.

Bernstein was in regular contact with Wikileaks during the October 2016 trolling (aggressively monitored by several national intelligence services) that began with Russia Today’s “Expose” on’s business and dating network. We have publicly addressed this as an orchestrated smear campaign.

The operation to smear and cover up Assange’s unlawful sex offenses on our site, was devised by Wikileaks and code named “Nigger Treatment”. The operation involved a shock and awe trolling campaign to smear a very diverse group of public and private personalities, citing random connections to create a smokescreen and draw the trail away from Assange. It was led by the white supremacist network, 4chan.

Our investigators say it was Bernstein who was the CIA mole and Wikileaks operative who killed stored evidence in the BT London exchange that had been requested by the US, and that proved Assange’s interaction on with the Canadian teen, as reported to Bahamas Police. Bernstein who goes by the hacker codename, Hanukahthrills, is a covert employee of Wikileaks.

Bernstein was traced through his email logs to @PiperBelleRose, an online dominatrix with a feminist interest in social justice and women’s rights, who we confirmed had Joe Bernstein as her client earlier this year. Our female criminal investigator, who uncovered flight logs exposing Assange’s links to the Jeffrey Epstein pedophile ring, has been in contact with @PiperBelleRose.

Vegas-based PiperBelleRose said that when she first was contacted by Bernstein through the camsite, MFC, the main topic of conversation was her client’s relationship with his wife, Rieka Jackson. Piper said Mr Bernstein and Ms Jackson’s relationship is “limping damaged” by Ms Jackson’s refusal to engage in hardsports and Roman showers with Mr Bernstein in the bedroom.

Rieka Jackson believes in an open relationship which involves cuck sex with Arab men but she won’t humiliate Bernstein sexually in the bedroom, according to @PiperBelleRose, who told our investigator she was paid by Bernstein to do what Ms Jackson won’t.

“That’s why our industry exists,” said PiperBelleRose. “Girlfriends and wives won’t go there.”

Piper said Bernstein first contacted her on MyFreeCams for financial domination on April 3, 2014, when he and Ms Jackson were on a marijuana pot smoking trip to Amsterdam’s red light district, at which time Bernstein sent his online dominatrix compromising nude photos of his wife without her knowledge.

The photos, which later became part of Bernstein’s illicit blackmail game nicknamed “Dine in Hell” are too explicit for to publish. PiperBelleRose said the game was the subject of her custom video of the same name he paid her to create on and that she keeps compromising photos of all her clients on an encrypted harddrive to later use against them. She said she threatened to send the pictures to Ms Jackson if Bernstein didn’t cough up and pay her findom payments via Grock (which he did)

“Let me get one thing clear, a humiliatrix is not an escort. I wouldn’t actually let any of these men touch me, I just take them for every last cent. And does it involves substance abuse, sure it does. [Mr Bernstein] wasn’t getting his coke supply and extreme needs met at home, I’ve made him tons of stuff. I mean [Mr Bernstein]’s had me do a string of Dine In Hell customs privately, each involving a really sick task. Usually he likes stuff involving sh–t eating. That’s his kick. He even paid me to post him my turds.”

@PiperBelleRose claims her client has used another online sex worker, Victoria Robinson (who refused to confirm or discuss clients with our investigator) and that Bernstein still sends her money on Google Wallet asking for “ball busting” abuse known in the pornography industry as CBT.

“[Mr Bernstein] is an entitled asshole. I’m so over him. He was overcoming a medical diagnosis for premature ejaculation syndrome. That, and the whole Rieka thing with wifey not being able to be the humiliatrix he fantasized about was the central kink in our sessions”, explained @PiperBelleRose, who said weekly cam sessions with her client evolved since 2014 into an offline relationship which she ended after he requested her to dress up in a Nazi Auschwitz concentration camp uniform.

The sex worker said she has met with Mr Bernstein in both phone, webcam, and realtime ATM meets for financial domination abuse, where Mr Bernstein physically flew to Vegas and withdrew cash from his joint account with Rieka Jackson to pay @PiperBelleRose on the strip, and that his penchant for financial domination goes into a dark blackmail obsession with animal bestiality.

Piper said that as her paid relationship with her client, Mr Bernstein, evolved she realized he had a sexual history that “scared her” in addition to his “virulent cocaine addiction”.

During one wallet-rinsing ATM findom session, Bernstein paid the Vegas cam girl over $6,000 in hundred dollar bills. The humiliatrix session concluded with afternoon high tea. Piper said during the paid meet Bernstein snorted cocaine in the men’s bathroom of the hotel and returned to the room with white powder on his face.

She publicly rejected Mr Bernstein in this twitter posting dated September 30, 2017:

Kale Heiman, an attorney at Keystone Law Group in LA who is a mutual friend of PiperBelleRose and Mr Bernstein, (who Bernstein has sought legal advice from) is reported to have said that BuzzFeed’s UK office that covers Assange, the UK Board of Jewish Deputies and Jewish-owned press are “planning a public, hi-tech lynching of and their webhosts” and will “crush Todd and Clare Hammond harder than Assange ever would.”

In addition, a Buzzfeed co-worker of Mr Bernstein spoke to our Ga.-based female criminal investigator, and agreed to be a source on condition of anonymity. The BuzzFeed insider, who is female, said there are deeper, racial tension reasons for Bernstein’s involvement in operation N–ger treatment, and his willingness to help Julian Assange squash Todd and Clare, which relate to Mr Berstein’s Jewish faith.

[Telephone transcript]

BuzzFeed Source: “The US Government actually looked into I mean come on, you were published on the front page of RT a fucking Russian spy satellite. They were going to go through you guys with a fine tooth comb. The [documents] tying Assange to Epstein and you, and Assange needed those to disappear.”

“You guys are white conservatives but the best way to dismiss your voice, particularly in the Jewish press, is to make you unprintable, and that means making you black. Joe Bernstein is a Jew. He unsuccessfully tried to join Identity Evropa to make a fake documentary on its leader Nathan Benjamin Damigo.”

[NB: Identity Evropa is a far-right group profiled by the Southern Poverty League.]

“…Out in the burbs most Jews are anathema to blacks anyway and see them as subhuman. They hate them. Listen to the way Jews talk at their dinner tables about discrimination. They use the word antisemitism and not racism, to carefully separate their community from racial problems faced by blacks, a group they universally view as intellectual retards…”

“…Jews were always very comfortable with Jim Crow laws and were always welcome in places in white society where blacks are routinely denied…”


“As whites, Jews don’t want their racial history in Europe associated in any way with civil rights and specifically slavery-era discrimination towards blacks. While they don’t publicize it, Jews teach their kids to loathe African Americans while claiming to be left wing. They were the bankers at Wells Fargo who pushed Ghetto loans onto black families and have a media interest in demonizing black men.”


“The TV show the Sopranos was a good example. Written by Jews. Episode after episode portraying blacks as the lowest form of criminal sewerage. The only problem is that the same European lawmakers who hate blacks, hate Jews. Bernstein couldn’t even infiltrate Identity Evropa successfully, because they hate him too as a Jew. I’ve seen articles he’s drafted on Assange and helped him edit out the bits that were really personal therapy.”

“He regularly drafts articles that BuzzFeed’s libel lawyers have to double edit, even after the final draft is live on the site getting comments. He’s a wannabe Peretti, but will never be as successful or rich as Jonah, though he shares Peretti’s hatred of blacks and empathizes with Identity Evropa on so many levels it’s sometimes hard to tell the difference between them.”

Some of what the BuzzFeed source disclosed also mirrored what Joe Bernstein’s online mistress, PiperBelleRose divulged about operation N–ger Treatment and his involvement in purging sensitive Government material as a Wikileaks hacker.

Piper told our investigator that before her September tweet rejecting Mr Bernstein, he regularly enjoyed snorting lines of coke while intoxicated on cam paying for women to conduct “SPH” or small penis humiliation sessions. PiperBelleRose said she believes Bernstein even wrote some of his BuzzFeed articles while high on coke. She still has a copy of both his and Reika Jackson’s MasterCard credit card details and got paid to humiliate Mr Berstein for the size of his undeveloped juvenile manhood.

On October 7, Piper stated she sent this tweet in response to Bernstein’s plea to be her client again:

In a 3.5 hour recorded interview held in a private Bellagio suite paid for by our investigators, @PiperBelleRose, who offers homewrecking as a service, spoke scathingly at length about her ex-client Joe Bernstein. She referred to him as having “little man syndrome” and claimed that similar to Anthony Weiner, Bernstein regularly posts unsolicited lewd selfies of his circumcised half inch penis to women on messaging services, including Kik and SnapChat.

Piper, who said she doesn’t care who knows, told our female private investigator, “In the end [Bernstein] was just another pest with a shriveled mini clit, smaller than a cut price sausage roll and way more pathetic than anything I’ve seen from crossdressers on Tinder. I think he’s the biggest creep ever, the word scumbag also comes to mind. I don’t even want his Google Wallet payments anymore. Actually am amazed he managed to find an actual live woman when his dick is that microscopic. His wife Rieka musn’t be feeling anything poor bitch. No wonder she fucks Arabs. I actually feel sorry for her.”