“I know quite a lot about Assange, but I find the allegation about the eight year old pretty difficult to believe.”–Mark Hosenball, Thomson Reuters

It won’t surprise many of our female readers that men in particular respond with incredulity, and even seething anger, when a female or a child said they’ve been victimized by sexual abuse. RAINN’s statistics above are not isolated.

Like the case of the girl in Lynnwood, who investigating male police officers threatened to toss out her apartment until she agreed with them that she’d “lied” about being raped, there is an insensitivity and viciousness that pervades the institutionalized disregarding of female victims’ complaints.

And, that framework of men always being open to “the possibility” that the women or girl “might be lying”, plays into the hands of male abusers like Julian Assange.

A male with the strength to marshal, at the click of a mouse button, indiscriminate vigilantism on sites like Reddit to hound, harass, and target people offline. Posting the names and addresses of “suspected” targets, with no police involvement or consultation, setting out to silence anyone who stands in Julian Assange’s or Wikileaks’ way.

Can You Put Yourself In The Shoes of a Canadian Family?

Faced with such confronting terror, it’s not surprising that the Canadian family, who reported to our safety team that their 8 year old daughter was abused by Assange (as laid out in the UN report published on October 4) is viewing the raw power of Julian Assange and his Wikileaks Reddit, to wreak havoc and destruction on small people, through a very different lens.

An abuser like Assange has an army of powermongers and hackers on Reddit ready to annihilate the Canadian family if they ever dare go to the police.

Following Wikileaks’ cyber attacks against US companies at the same time (October 19-21) they attacked ToddandClare.com, the Google Cache document that outlaid our concerns of Mr Assange’s abuse to the United Nations suddenly got deleted in the middle of the Wikileaks cyber attack.

How convenient.

Mr Assange can even make serious accusations of sexual abuse against him disappear from the internet.

So, for any women out there who have been abused by Julian Assange or powerful men like him, here’s the message that this kind of vigilantism sends, with a voice that is louder and more powerful than any sexual assault victims’ will ever be:

      1. Stay silent. No one will believe you, even if you have a case.
      2. Don’t bother going to police, and if you do, we’ll find out you and your family’s home address, publish it online for people to randomly attack you and ridicule you all over the internet. (Similar to how “Justice4Assange” has helped to identify the Christian names of the women in Sweden who say he raped them.)
      3. If you stay silent and are too frightened for your personal safety to go to the police, we’ll misuse your silence and represent it as evidence that you’re lying.
      4. Anyone who stands up for you, (like Todd and Clare has stood up for this family for no other reason than because it’s the right thing to do) will be misrepresented, attacked and smeared all over the internet.

#4 includes having pictures of your office address published online, so any vigilante with a Reddit account, and a gun, knows where to find you.

2 Weeks of Silence from Assange After October 4 Report Went Public

It’s a good life for male abusers like Julian Assange. With resources like his, who needs a law court?

He can make anyone a physical target from the comfort of the Ecuadorian Embassy, totally out of reach of the jurisdiction of any British, EU, or US court of law.

And reading the frothing hatred of his vigilante friends on Reddit identifying real-world innocent people as “suspects”, if someone who Assange dislikes does happen to get shot dead: “They had it coming“, right?

If anyone who has been named in connection with Wikileaks Reddit or other sites regarding this incident dies, has an “accident”, or is physically wounded in the next 10 years as a result of this situation on Reddit, we’re asking that the police investigating the homicide(s) to obtain from Reddit the usernames of the anonymous internet trolls calling for unlawful, criminal harassment of innocent people.

It’s our firm conviction that there is no conspiracy. That Mr Assange is behind the threats and bogus letters.

Remember that in the 2 weeks after our UN report was submitted and published on October 4, 2016, Wikileaks said nothing. Assange uttered not a word, despite being in receipt of our UK law suit immediately.

Instead of defending against the UN report, Wikileaks was busy marshaling resources and compiling a careful strategy, cobbling together a misidentified PDF that was pushed out to journalists as “the truth” around October 17.

For a man who extols the virtues of the judiciary and democratic law courts to “open governments”, he sure doesn’t like to use them much himself. Like a true abuser, he hides out in the Ecuadorian Embassy having skipped bail on lawful rape charges.

Instead of seeking a resolution through the UK law courts against ToddandClare.com, Wikileaks resorted to what cyber criminals (who have plagued US national security for years) do best. They hacked our website, injecting our MySQL databases and file systems with thousands of backdated pictures of women from websites like The Chive, and then releasing a PDF to their followers on Twitter that Todd and Clare was infringing women’s copyright wholesale.

How convenient.

Especially, for an abuser like Assange who wants to avoid all talk of an 8 year old minor, he wants quickly forgotten.

Setting Some False Accusations Straight

ToddandClare.com was clear in the UN report that we were taking extraordinary measures to ensure neither us, nor our female staff, could be found after the Wikileaks disclosures in the UN report. We take full responsibility for the contents of the report and UK court document: No one else, not our business agents, nor suppliers, nor business partners, are responsible.

However, the press have played right into Mr Assange’s hands. They have spent money, time, and resources on a series of wild goose chases, attempting to prove that ToddandClare.com is a myriad of personalities and companies, that actually have no connection to us whatsoever.

And all the while, the 8 year old is conveniently forgotten.

Despite the fact we’d made consistently clear on our site that Todd and Clare began as an offline email network between Clare’s women friends in 2011, as evidenced by our Wayback Machine from August 8, 2016, (see bottom of that page) that honestly represented that we didn’t establish our web presence until 2015 (It happens, perfectly possible for things to be in gestation offline for several years); we are still accused of being liars.

From the Wayback machine from August 8:

“In early 2015, Clare got relocated to Oakland, CA, then San Francisco, where we made a pact over Oyster’s Rockefeller at Tadich’s Grill (the best seafood in the city!) to one day put our existing network on the interwebs to help others find love.”

Russian Government / Scam Letter Circulated from Hannah Hammond

Hannah is Todd Hammond’s sister, and she had previously had a discussion with various PR agencies and MIT Professor Noam Chomsky earlier this year, regarding the KATIA Project. Wikileaks has circulated an extraordinarily complicated letter about Hannah, attempting to implicate her in a scam to ask Mr Assange for $1 million in cash.

We can confirm that no such letter/email was ever written. It has been completely concocted, including email headers being fabricated. That letter and any further letters purporting to be from ToddandClare.com staff that are released from Wikileaks should be disregarded, the material is invented by Assange/Wikileaks and did not come from us.

The Canadian Family is Trapped in a Terrible Dilemma

Who can blame that 8 year old for crying to her sister late at night, and thinking it’s all her fault?

Are there any women reading this who could put themselves in her mom’s shoes, totally bewildered by Wikileaks’ misguided attacks.

A terrified family, who, having returned to Canada, are too frightened to go to the police.

There are of course women in Sweden and elsewhere who know about the dark side of Assange. As we informed the UN, imploring them to retract their support for him, Assange unleashed unlawful actions when using our website.

Sandra Eckersley, the female rights activist, explained to our media rep in email correspondence dated October 16, 2016, that she knows Julian Assange has another side away from his false public persona. She told us:

“I am not affiliated with Julian Assange or Wikileaks just a female rights advocate keen to get to the true facts on this situation particularly in light of his previous form in Sweden.
….If I can be any assistance, please let me know. I know exactly how infuriating the gap is between public and private understanding of who Julian Assange really is. He is dangerous.–Sandra K Eckersley”

Ms Eckersely, who due to insidious pressure from Wikileaks, has been forced to denounce Todd and Clare, we believe out of fear for her life. She is another good example of why the Canadian family don’t want to come forward now.

In the aftermath of Wikileaks fury, a Human Rights Defender named Jude Fleming reached out to us on Twitter, calling for calm and asking us to decompress.

“I hope Julian can forgive”, Ms Fleming added.

This is another good example of how powerful Julian Assange is. He has completed the final square of the male abuser. Julian Assange has the power to persuade extremely clever and gifted women, like Ms Fleming, his lawyers, and his many female supporters, to believe that he is always in the right. No matter what happens.

To get women to believe that anyone who speaks against him is doing a disservice to rape victims.

That no matter how many people he hurts, he is always beyond reproach.

No matter about an 8 year old, whose family are left hanging in the balance. After seeing the vigilantism from Wikileaks Reddit, irresponsibly targeting random names and addresses on Assange’s para-military orders; it’s not surprising this man’s victims are too frightened to ask for help.

We Light a Candle Tonight for the Canadian Family.

We repeat our wishes for the Canadian family to attend a police station in Ontario at the earliest opportunity. We cry with their mom and daughters, and pray that they are able to find the peace and courage to move on with their lives.

We ask good journalists like Emily from PBS Newshour, who have contacted us for interviews, to please be patient. We’re in crisis.

The family is in crisis.

This is real life, and it doesn’t play out like a Benedict Cumberbatch Hollywood show.

In Wikileaks, we all face unprecedented terror.

The Todd and Clare team