UPDATE: Despite being subjected to the Reddit Kangaroo court and vicious slurs, ToddandClare.com stands strong and will be back online very soon. We are changing our business model, and when we come back the site will let everyone join to find love, both men and women, gay and straight, and those with disabilities, when the new site makes its international debut in the near future.

We will not be silenced by a traitor like Julian Assange, who has cost American lives. The Wikileaks trolls machine has now libelled so many people, and companies, who have absolutely nothing to do with ToddandClare.com, we are asking journalists to please be cautious in what you write and don’t be taken in by the Wikileaks shill-driven magic show.

Check with your libel lawyers first before printing anything that could impact or endanger innocent people’s lives. Many of the people being named on blogs and forums are not our parties. Be aware that Wikileaks Redditors are encouraging people to harm the personal safety of others–much like Julian Assange, their Dear Leader, has endangered the personal safety of Americans and our servicemen with his despicable activities against American national security. The first amendment exists to protect all Americans, not just liberals.

We confirm that three of the individuals who Wikileaks supporters have named and are harassing on Reddit and other blogs, putting these peoples’ personally-identifying information online, (and calling for innocent people to be jailed and pursued by malicious harassment at their home addresses) have now contacted federal police and law enforcement in their respective countries.

Wikileaks’ actions continue to endanger American lives. We are law abiding citizens under attack by Wikileaks, whose founder is a fugitive from justice. Calling for people to be hurt and injured, like Wikileaks supporters are doing, is the diametric opposite of democracy and freedom of speech. We are not surprised by the weak and flawed United Nations attempting to smear us on their site, we have done nothing wrong and will continue to protect the blameless Canadian family involved in this.

Regarding legal questions about our company’s structure: please note that this is America. ToddandClare.com is not required to establish or justify the legal structure of our business to anyone else but the US Government and US tax authorities. We are a lawful entity, and due to the sinister and unlawful behavior of Wikileaks reddit users, calling for people to be harassed and physically hurt, including publishing the names and addresses of innocent people, we are barring all harassing and nuisance phone calls by disconnecting our phones for the time being.

Stay strong everyone. From little acorns, mighty oaks grow. Thank you for all your support, we have an incredible dating site, that will rival the best of them one day. Dissent is so important. God bless America, we are truly the greatest nation on Earth. Todd and Clare.

Company Statement 10/21/2016

Following a serious hack of our website, to protect our members we’ve taken the decision to close the network until further notice. If you are a member of Todd and Clare requiring support, please contact us.

Further updates will be published on our blog.

We thank all our members, business partners, and associates for your support.

The Todd and Clare team