How members of the press and bloggers can contact our team

Update August 15, 2018: Forthcoming resurrection of Todd and Clare as an online dating business timed to be released with I am Joe app.

Use @TCRightsAdvocat for unofficial correspondence.

For correspondence regarding formal investigative journalism and legal reporting:

1. You need to have published 1 public article on Todd and Clare on your press organization’s website that’s been indexed in appropriate Google News search results.

2. Right click and download this html file.

3. Upload the file to your blog or press organization’s domain:


4. Download Wickr (if you do not already use it) and create a username

5. Send an email on the same blog or press organization’s domain (i.e. to with the 6 details below inside your message:

(a) A link to your published article naming
(b) Your link showing uploaded verification file live in your organization’s domain
(c) Your message and what you want
(d) Your Wickr Username
(e) A unique 11 digit alphanumeric pin that you create that we can identify you by.

You can generate one here: Exclude ambiguous characters in your 11 digit pin.

(f) The subject line of your email message should read your name backlash press organization backlash job title all in BLOCK CAPITALS


Once we have verified all 6 steps, we’ll contact you on Wickr at the userhandle you gave us in (d) in the body of your email.

For security reasons we do not use email or phone.

After I am Joe launches on the Android store we will be using a modified version of these instructions with our app to communicate with press.

All other messages which do not follow this procedure will not be responded to.

We’re Americans. We have a constitutional right to freedom of speech without malicious interference from an Anti-American terrorist organization like Wikileaks that claims to be “opening governments”. Wikileaks is helping terrorists and rogue states like North Korea by making our US homeland national security agencies less safe every day.