Iamjoe privacy app

I am Joe, Todd and Clare’s end-to-end encrypted messaging app designed by an ex-Wickr engineer to guarantee our right to privacy, free and private online dating exchanges, freedom of speech and to protect our constitutional rights in the First Amendment, will launch soon.


Noted Comments on Todd and Clare.

“For an online dating site, toddandclare.com seems really good at cloak-and-dagger stuff. Disconnected phones. Mystery websites. Actions that ricochet around the globe.”

McClatchy DC Bureau
Respected Washington Newspaper

“Prove it.”

Mark Hosenball
Respected Investigative journalist with years of experience
(Verified Thomson Reuters email)

“…I read about ToddandClare.com in the RT article. I knew immediately it wasn’t government intel or tradecraft. On Assange I make no pre-judgment. Here’s my security assessment: both rooted and nonrooted android analysis in hex workshop showed no traces of message exchange. The lack of _db files is the key to forensic invisibility. That’s the technical side. I am Joe is open whispers minus the NSA backdoor. I would tell people not to access it on any apple device… I think it will be interesting to see if they actually let this reach civilians… Don’t trust any newspaper or rely on what our government puts out for public consumption. Joe would be a push button at Langley, you guys are going to be flavor of the month.”

— Edward Snowden
Free Press Campaigner and Former US Deep State agent
(Verified PGP Message)