There are some guys who find dating a little bit difficult. Sometimes they can surpass a first date yet they can’t convince a girl to go on a second date. This could really be a problem and if you’re one of those, here are some dating tips for guys to help you pull off a second date.

Tip #1: Smell good and look good.

Admit it guys, if you’re out with your guy friends and you haven’t shaved for a couple of days, that won’t really matter much. However, it’s quite different if you’re out with a woman. If you appear on your date with your beard covering your entire face as if it’s easy to plant root crops right then and there, and you didn’t even bother to give yourself a full pledged shower, you will never get a second date. Of course, if you want to impress your date, you should look good and smell good on your first meet up. You have to take care of your hygiene. Before you step out of your house, make sure that you take a shower, shave your beard and mustache, and put a dab of men’s cologne enough to make you smell good the entire day. Women are easily turned on with men who are looks great and smells great even if you’re a few meters away from her.

Tip #2: Dress to Impress

One of the dating tips for guys that you should remember is choosing what clothes to wear. Clothes do matter a lot and dressing up is not only for women in general. If you have an upcoming date, it does not mean that you have to buy a new shirt, a new pair of pants or a new shoe. It really doesn’t matter if you’ll suit yourself with your old clothes. The secret lies on your ability to mix and match whatever you have and walk through the door with a really good outfit. Make sure that what you’re wearing is not dull and boring. Women likes it when men are conscious about what they wear, however, do not be overdressed as if you’re going to attend a vanity fair. Know the proper dress code when going on a date and you’ll never run out of a good set of clothes.

Tip #3: Never smoke unless she grabs a stick of cigar

If you are a full time smoker, it might be a good idea to quit smoking not unless your date smokes as much as you do. One way to impress women is showing them that your lungs are not candidates for respiratory diseases. Control your urge while you can, and when you see that she grabs a stick of cigar from her pocket, that’s the best time to offer her a light and grab one for yourself as well. If she does not, then don’t smoke until you get home.

Tip #4: Sports is not the best topic on a date

This topic is okay if you’re out with your friends. There are a lot of women who gets bored with sports topic and you should respect that. Instead, ask her what are things that interest her and start a conversation from it.

Tip #5: Talk and Listen

The best way to fire up a date is to talk and listen. It’s the only way for you to keep your date interested.

These are the top five dating tips for guys that you can follow. Getting a second date can be a little hard, but if you stick with these tips, you’ll definitely have one.