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You can still take measures to satisfy your own fears without coming across like a complete psycho. So if you still have doubts as to whether your partner is trustworthy, the following subtle tips can help make you feel more at ease about the situation.

Do you have good communication with one another? The root of many relationship problems often derives as a result of a breakdown in communication. Talking to your partner about how to improve communication is a great step to initiate. Let your partner know if something needs to be resolved, before it’s too late.

Is he emotionally available? And can he keep a promise? Can you detect distance within your relationship? Does he avoid deep and genuine intimacy? Actions will provide you with a clearer indication rather than words. Pay particular attention to his behavior, it’s easier to lie or hide the truth using words.

If you met someone online, do a little undercover work to determine if their singles dating profile is still active. If it is, what excuse could possibly justify this and it should place serious doubt in your mind as to their commitment to the relationship.

Do you feel as though you’ve established reciprocal respect? Even if there is great chemistry present, it doesn’t mean you’ve earned their respect. If he does not address your concerns regarding values and is disinclined to talk things over, then you have a problem. Trust is founded on common respect.

It’s okay to want to protect yourself from hurt, just be wary you’re not blocking your own relationships because of a past violation which may be preventing you from taking your existing relationship to the next level. If you can see the potential to fall in love again, now is the time to ask yourself if you’re prepared to gamble. Love is all about taking a chance and committing trust to one person. If you’re not inclined to commit to this, you’ll never be able to build trust again and will find it difficult to move on from your past.